Install ActiveX Safari

It is not possible to install ActiveX in Safari because ActiveX controls run only in Windows. Safari is a web browser for the Mac. Since the Mac OS and Windows are fundamentally different, there is no direct way to use ActiveX in Mac computers.

Other Options

While running ActiveX programs from Safari directly is not possible, there are other options. The easiest is to view the website in Windows. Although some may recommend decompiling the ActiveX control and recompiling to work in a Mac, it is not possible.

Technically, it is possible to write ActiveX programs for the Mac. However, the ActiveX controls have to be made specifically for the Mac OS only. That is the reason why these ActiveX components are very difficult to find. Even if you find some, you still cannot install ActiveX in Safari because these ActiveX controls work for the IE/Mac only.

VMware Fusion 3

Another option is to run your Windows applications in the Mac. This is possible by using emulator type software. One such program is VMware Fusion 3. This program lets you operate Windows apps side by side with the Mac.

At the same time you can use Mac programs safely. VMware Fusion 3 has support for 3D graphics for Windows games as well as the animations in Windows 7. Another advantage of using the app is there is no need to use a special cable. This application also lets you run Windows devices that use USB.

CrossOver Mac

CrossOver Mac lets you run Windows games and applications in Mac OS X. The programs can be run from the Finder. Just like in Windows, double clicking a file will open the app.

The program has support for Microsoft Office 2007, 2003, XP, 2000 and 97, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Visio, Quicken and many others. The program also has support for the Japanese language. The license for CrossOver games is also included. There are also enhanced deployment features in the app.


There are many other programs out there similar to VMware and Crossover Mac. Since ActiveX are Windows programs, it is likely that they will run on your Mac computer.

Even if you cannot install ActiveX in Safari, there are programs that let you run Windows in the Mac environment. Because there are many different types of ActiveX controls however, there is no guarantee that everything will run on the Mac. Much of it will depend on the ActiveX control itself.