Install ActiveX for Games

There are a lot of online gaming sites around. You can play a variety of games from the good old arcade games to the newer theme based games of today. Some games can be played online while others will require you to download client software and other programs as well. On more than one occasion, users will be prompted to install what is known as an ActiveX control in order for them to view gaming animation. Here are a few things one can do when faced with this situation.


In order to install ActiveX for games, you will need a computer that has a good Internet connection. Your computer should be running one of the Windows operating systems, preferably from Windows 2000 and later versions. You should also be using Microsoft’s own browser program, Internet Explorer.

Steps to Install ActiveX for Games

To install ActiveX for games, you must first launch Internet Explorer and navigate to the site where you have the game you want to play. When you’re at the gaming portal of your choice, click on the game you want to play. You will notice that a yellow bar will suddenly come up on your Internet Explorer window. It will be located near the rest of your toolbars. It will also prompt you to install ActiveX for games on that page.

The next step is to click on that yellow bar then several choices will come up. Select the option to “Install ActiveX Control”. After selecting that option a warning window will then pop up informing you of a security warning. Don’t be alarmed since this doesn’t necessarily mean that your computer is already under attack. It’s pretty natural for a warning window to pop up since you are installing additional software from the Internet.

Select the option to “Install” the ActiveX components. You’ll find that on the security warning window. After clicking “Install” the process of downloading and installing the required ActiveX components will start. This process usually just takes a few minutes. You will then be prompted that the required software has been installed.

At this point, some sites will require you to restart Internet Explorer in order to apply the changes that were made. However, some sites will not require this step and will just let you play the game you selected earlier. The rest of the procedures from here on will be site specific depending on how the owners of the site you’re playing on designed their gaming portal.