Install ActiveX Firefox

ActiveX is a program or mechanism that is used by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to enhance it features. With it, Internet Explorer becomes more interactive with video, music, and user controls getting enabled. Unfortunately this feature is not supported by Mozilla’s Firefox browser. This prompts the question on how to install ActiveX in Firefox. The following steps will be quite useful to anyone who is faced with this dilemma.


In order to access and view sites or web pages that have ActiveX components, you will need several items. First off you need a computer with a working connection to the Internet. Next, you need to have Mozilla’s Firefox browser installed and running on your computer. Once you have all these requirements you can commence to install ActiveX in Firefox.


Since ActiveX is not supported by the Firefox web browser, you will have to install separate plug-ins to support web pages that have such content. A plug-in is a third party software whose primary function is to manage any content you find on a web page. To install ActiveX in Firefox you will have to compensate by installing plug-ins instead.

There are various reasons why Firefox does not directly support ActiveX. First of all is that there are security risks involved in using these said installations. Installing the plug-ins for the Firefox web browser, you get the same functionality and will be able to view the content that is displayed using ActiveX.

Take note that the plug-ins that Firefox uses are created by other companies and not Mozilla. They act like Microsoft’s ActiveX and allows the use online games, patented audio and video formats, presentations, and a lot more. It is really important to keep these plug-ins updated. In order to check for newer plug-ins, users are directed to visit Mozilla’s Plugin Check page.

At times when you visit a web page that requires ActiveX controls or other plug-ins not currently installed or integrated on your Firefox browser, you will be prompted to install the said plug-ins. All you need to do is to follow the prompts and on screen menus to install the necessary code. After you have them installed you will be asked to restart Firefox.

Managing Plug-ins

Part of the process to install ActiveX in Firefox is to manage the plug-ins already installed. You have the option to either disable or uninstall plug-ins in Firefox. In order to do that, launch Firefox. Then open the Tools menu and select Add-ons. In the Add-ons window select the Plugins panel. You will be shown a list of plug-ins. All you need to do now is to click a plug-in you want to disable and click on the “disable” button.