Configure ActiveX

ActiveX enables a browser’s multimedia and interactive capabilities. This makes user integration a lot better and makes a user’s web browsing experience more exciting. It also gives users more control over their own Internet experience. It is not enough to simply just install it on your computer. There will be times when you really have to configure ActiveX. The process is really simple and shouldn’t be a dreaded thing.

ActiveX behave as plug-ins to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. It is responsible for launching third party applications and files that run in the web that are also incorporated into various web pages and web sites. It also acts as a layer of security that provides control over the visibility of certain web pages.


In order to configure ActiveX one must have a Windows Operating System installed on the computer. This operating system also comes with Microsoft’s very own browser, Internet Explorer. You must also be given access in order to change the settings on the said computer system. With all these requirements out of the way, you can now begin to change the settings for ActiveX.

Configure ActiveX

The first step to change your computer’s ActiveX settings is to open a new Internet Explorer window. Once you have one open go to the top of the browser along the toolbars and click on the ‘Tools’ menu. From the ‘Tools’ dropdown menu select ‘Internet Options’. A new window will pull up entitled “Internet Properties” or “Internet Options”.

Notice that there are tabs on this small window that comes up. Next, go to the second tab, which is labeled as “Security”. You will see a box that contains “Web content zones” such as Internet, local intranet, trusted sites, and restricted sites. Select the icon for trusted sites to highlight it.

After selecting that option click on the “Sites” button below the box. You will then be allowed to type in web addresses of sites that you know are safe for you and your kids. Remove the check from the checkbox below so that you can add sites that start with ‘www’. Each time you type in a site’s url click add and it will be added in the trusted sites list in the box below. When you’re done, click ‘OK’.

You will then be taken back to the Internet Options window. The next step to configure ActiveX is to click the ‘custom level’ button below. Scroll down to ActiveX controls and plug-ins and select the radio button labeled as ‘enable’. This allows certain types of software like Quicktime and iTunes to be installed.

Finally, scroll down to ‘file download’ and select the ‘enable’ radio button. This allows any extracted data to be downloaded to applications such as Excel or any other spreadsheet program. Take note that some sites will require you to make certain changes to these settings for a page to display properly. Now you know where to go when you do need to make these changes.