ActiveX Control

An ActiveX control is a program or plug-in usually made with Visual Basic or C++. These applications run inside web browsers. The browsers and programs that support these controls are called ActiveX containers.

How to install ActiveX controls

Step 1

Open your web browser, in this example Internet Explorer. Go to the Tools menu and choose “Internet Options”. Click the tab marked “Security”. Go to “Custom Level”. A window with options for security will pop up.

Step 2

From the list, go to “Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting.” Click “enable”. Click OK. This instructs the browser to install the controls.

How to Reset the Controls

In case errors appear, you can reset the controls to fix the problem.

Step 1

Open Internet Explorer and click Tools. Select “Manage add-ons.”.

Step 2

Choose “Toolbars and Extensions”. Select the control you want to repair. Select “disable”. Press the OK button.

Step 3

Click “enable” and click OK. This should fix the error.

How to Remove ActiveX

After you install ActiveX controls, you have the option of removing them if they are no longer needed.

Step 1

Click the Start button. Go to the Control Panel.

Step 2

Double click the Add / Remove Programs icon. Go through the list until you see the control you want to delete.

Step 3

Highlight the control you want to remove. Hit the “uninstall” button. The control will be removed. Restart the computer.

Other Facts about ActiveX

ActiveX refers to the Object Oriented Programming (OOP) technologies made by Microsoft. This allows programs to share data. The ActiveX object is an application that runs on Windows only.

Microsoft created ActiveX so different programs can share functions. A good example is an ActiveX spell checker; it can be used by several Microsoft programs.

There are many different kinds of controls today. The ones used for web browsers allow users to watch videos and animation. Without the ActiveX control, one has to launch other applications. A popular ActiveX object is Flash, made by Adobe.

With the right components built in, you can view the animation without having to install or configure the browser. Everything is done automatically. Just make sure you have a virus scanner installed, as some controls can be susceptible to spyware.

Even though there are many types, learning how to install ActiveX controls is not difficult. If you check the preferences and settings of other browsers you’ll see options for installing and configuring the controls.